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Distribution: Planning and Control

Distribution: Planning and Control
David Frederick Ross (Auteur)

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Description du produit

This book is the first single-source volume to provide all types of enterprises, including manufacturers, wholesalers, and retail distributors with clear guidance for implementing formal distributio, planning, and control systems. It integrates the various components of enterprise activities, from top management planning to warehousing and shipping to introduce a unquie methodology that focuses on continuous improvements in both customer service and productivity. This work provides the reader with an essential understanding of the subject through practical, up-to-date discussions on modern logistics, distribution channel management, and information technologies. It breaks away from traditional organizational concepts by emphasizing an integrative team-based management style, clearly illustrated through a special paradigm termed Enterprise Integrative Management. It offers a compelling exploration of the day-to-day applications of current information technology tools for the distributor and devotes an entire chapter to international logistics and distribution. Distribution: Planning and Control offer undergraduate and graduate students in courses on distribution, logistics operations management, manufacturing, and marketing an invaluable single-source text. Containing timely and accessible information, it also serves as an indispensable resource for consultants in a seminar setting and for practitioners in related disciplines.

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